• My Story

    And the Lesson of LIFT

Life Is For Transformation

All of us share one thing in common: we face challenges that threaten to derail us and keep us from fulfilling our full potential. And, these challenges can also provide our greatest opportunities.

For the last 30 years, I’ve been a speaker, mentor, and team leader because of my deep conviction in our individual and collective potential when we turn obstacles into opportunities. It’s why I’ve worked hard to strengthen relationships and help people face and overcome the pressures of life.

When I was an NFL quarterback, I learned how to attack a blitz. We planned plays and adjustments to run when we recognized it was coming. If the whole offense communicated quickly, we could turn blitzes into big plays. I learned that a quarterback both gives and gains confidence by trusting teammates, practicing collaboration and staying flexible. 

Blitzes aren’t limited to the NFL. At times in my life, everything seemed to be collapsing. I began to see the insecurities, communication failures, and selfish relationships that will get a QB, or any of us, sacked.

Everything clicked when I realized we could apply the best strategies for facing a blitz to life. It was amazing how perfectly it translated: focus long-term, be willing to change and prioritize team relationships. As I lived these strategies, I realized they were the key to turning trials into triumphs. And I’d found my passion – sharing this hope and helping leaders and teams implement it.

The Influence of my Father, Jack Kemp.

Dad was a quarterback for the Buffalo Bills. He led them to two championships, but may be better known as a statesman in the US Congress and as Secretary of Housing and Urban Development. He championed inclusivity, opportunity, and encouragement. As an author of the Kemp-Roth tax plan, Jack Kemp helped unleash free enterprise and incentives , believing that “a rising tide lifts all boats.” He was my greatest encourager.

Jack Kemp lived a life of LIFT. I use it as an acronym:  Life Is For Transformation. Inspired by my parents, coaches, teammates, and the anchor of my faith, LIFT is at the heart of my life and Facing the Blitz strategy. Every time life sends pressure your way, it’s an opportunity for personal growth and transformation, to lift others and strengthen your team.

After the NFL, I founded and led an organization to fuel collaboration and efforts to strengthen family relationships. Decades of involvement with relationship experts and strengthening relationships has seasoned my corporate speaking and approach to coaching teams and mentoring leaders. Investing in relationships and a culture of trust is at the root of a great company and a great life.

Jeff’s Biography

Jeff is a quarterback for strengthening teams. An NFL quarterback from 1981 to 1992, he and his father Jack Kemp (the former Vice-Presidential candidate and Secretary of Housing and Urban Development), were the first of only six sets of father/son NFL quarterbacks.

After his 11-year career in the NFL, Jeff founded and led the Seattle-based national non-profit Stronger Families, dedicated to helping families thrive. After 18 years as a CEO, Jeff and his wife Stacy transitioned to serve Family Life as Vice President and Catalyst from 2012 to 2017, helping leaders and influencers strengthen families. FamilyLife is an international ministry leader in marriage conferences and resources to build, heal and enrich marriages and families.

As he speaks and coaches throughout the United States, Jeff combines the best from professional team sports with the best of building strong relationships, team alignment and trust to strengthen the business. He’s persevered through the highs and lows of pro football, and led organizations to strengthen relationships and fuel collaboration. Jeff’s approach is both direct and winsome, and he inspires courage in his clients and audiences, vitalizing leaders, teams and individuals.

Jeff and his wife, Stacy, have been married 35 years and mentor young couples. They have four married sons and love tennis, skiing, and spending time with family.