MenHuddle and Level 5 Friendship

When men build a brotherhood, a small huddle of trusted friends who share every aspiration and confess any sin, our insecurities, doubts and limitations fall away. There is more strength in the unity of three (Ecclesiastes 4:12).

A note from Jeff Kemp

As a quarterback, in the huddle I was surrounded with men who wanted the best for me and each other. I communicated crucial plans, heard vital feedback, and made needed adjustments. Off the field, my friend huddle makes an even bigger impact in my life. Having a couple of believing brothers who want my best and spur me to live in the Way of Jesus makes me a better man.

Your huddle is the place you can drop your guard, confess mistakes and aspirations, lift each other up, and find a true sense of camaraderie. You have each other’s back, process your stuff, laugh, and have fun. 


Welcome to the team. Huddle Up!

–Jeff Kemp

Men can't get anything done without a team.

If we go back to the very beginning, we see man living without flaw. In the Garden of Eden God knew that Adam, created perfect, was missing something. “It’s not good for man to be alone, God said” (Genesis 2:18). If man in perfection needed a friend, how much more do you and I? A recent survey on friendship indicated that 76% of men don’t have a close and trusted friend they can share anything with, on any topic. That number sounds high because it is. Even though we are wired for community, men gravitate towards isolation—something the book of Proverbs warns against. “Whoever isolates himself seeks his own desire; he breaks out against all sound judgment” (18:1).

Jesus gathered a handful of men and introduced them to the deepest levels of friendship. He exemplified what it looked like to be to be real, loyal, honest, and engaged in a committed, purposeful and consistent huddle. Under Christ’s leadership, those men spread His movement that changed the world.

Men Huddle


The goal of MenHuddle is achieving LEVEL 5 FRIENDSHIP. A Men’s Huddle is a tight group of 3-4 friends meeting weekly to help each other. They feel accepted and supported as they process their lives together and improve as men. It’s a brotherhood who choose to live in the light to become more like Jesus beloved sons of our heavenly Father.

Making Men and Friends the Jesus Way