RECEIVE: The Way of Jesus for Men

by Jeff Kemp

Receive: The Way of Jesus for Men

Men are told they must earn their manhood. 

Society has dozens of misguided suggestions, from sexual conquest to a big bank account to six-pack abs. 

Even in churches, men seek self-assurance through spiritual performance.

But all these efforts fail because men are trying to win the approval of their peers, wives, fathers, or even God Himself – leaving them isolated, burnt out, and confused.

RECEIVE will help you discover what it really means to be a man and how to receive your identity from God.

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Feel Security as a Man

Jeff Kemp shows you what it means to receive your identity as God’s son and learn from Jesus’ perfect example of being a man. Jeff encourages you along the way, offering practical advice and transparently sharing his experience as an NFL quarterback, a husband, son, and father. You will see how receiving transforms everything in your life – from finding your purpose to rediscovering deep friendship – and defines what it means to be a real, good man. This is the way of Jesus for men.


Receive Field Guide

Get the Receive Field Guide

The RECEIVE Field Guide is designed to make a difference in your life as you learn how to truly come to Father God as a son and receive what He has for you.

Since every man is different, I’ve tried to offer several options for making the most of the content in the RECEIVE book and this corresponding field guide.