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At Jeff’s engaging speaking sessions, you’ll get honest laughs, vulnerable stories and inspired wisdom. The audience will learn his keys to performing in high-pressure situations — and start putting them into practice.

Empower Your Team and Ministry

As a former NFL quarterback and 25-year veteran helping teams and ministries focus on relationships, teamwork and growth. Jeff will help you and your team start Huddling and learn how to beat the blitzes you are facing today and anticipate the ones you’ll face tomorrow – so you can play offense, instead of defense.

Watch the video (at right) for what you can expect from a MenHuddle with Jeff. 

You and your team will take this inspiration to the “field,” with a better understanding of each other’s strengths. You will learn how to invest in your relationships and culture over the long term. And, you’ll leave with a plan to bring these strategies into your everyday life.

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Team Building Requires Intentionality

When you lead a business, you lead a team. And every team leader has experienced a blitz – sudden troubles, complicated problems, even urgent crises.

Do you and your team have an opportunity mindset and positive plan for facing blitzes? NFL teams, great leaders and innovative businesses do. It is a mindset that produces a plan which unleashes a radical model of leadership and teamwork that:

  • Anticipates and seizes challenges as opportunities
  • Refuses to give in to excuse-making and finger-pointing
  • Breaks down silos of isolation and inefficiencies

Imagine the progress, productivity and profits you can achieve because you built a strong and high-achieving team.


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