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    Team-building | Marriage-vitalizing | Relationship-restoring | Faith-integrating

Make one game plan to
integrate your faith, family and work.

  • Are you facing a different season in life, business, or family?
  • Do you need to build a great team and culture to increase value, regain time and open options?
  • Do you want to send an emerging leader to develop into a future CEO?
  • Are you dealing with a crisis in your company, home, or relationships?

“No consultant, coach or advisor has ever mentored me in the comprehensive way Jeff did. As a whole person – owner, leader, husband, dad. I got more than expected. It changed my life.”

Steve Woodworth, owner/president of Masterworks Marketing Agency

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As a CEO, business leader, or coach, you’re a decision maker. Efficiency is key to success. But in the aim of going fast, you realize that you’ve compartmentalized everything: your spiritual life and your work life, business and family, the sacred and the secular. You end up wondering, Where am I going? What is this all for?

If you don’t address it now, you’ll lead a detached, spiritually vacant life – and the state of your soul will worsen day by day. But if you can reconnect to your true God-given identity and purpose, you can revitalize your actions, find meaning in all areas of life, and strengthen your relationship to employees, family, your spouse, and, most importantly, God.

Intensive, One-on-One Training

Through 1 or 2-day offsite experiences, you will align your life and business with God’s plan and experience the transforming impact of peace and vitality. During the time leading up to our training, we will communicate over the phone and email. I will get to know you and understand the season you are in, so that together, we catalyze change in major aspects of your life.

Going forward, we can create a Season of Transformation where you can choose several separate huddles together over a year to deepen and extend the impact.

3 Steps to Impact and Change

How Does Soul Coaching Work?

1. See the Big Picture

Get away to a inspiring location where you can personally reflect and hear from God. Escape the crushing day-to-day, and see the big picture you’ve been missing – God’s plan for your leadership and His love.

2. Find Blind Spots & Gain Vision

Take an in-depth look at who you are and how you can better approach your business and relationships. You’ll gain key insights and frameworks for growing team effectiveness, using strengths and being aware of weaknesses.

3. Make a Game Plan

Create your own strategy with action-oriented tasks to build a great team that’s ready to seize any opportunity. It will fuel personal growth and business progress, while recharging relationships with God and your family.

Big Take-Aways to Empower You in All Areas of Life

Make your team more


Make your company more


Increase your


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Reconnect to the your God-given identity and purpose and return to your work, family, and community revitalized and with tremendous clarity for the path ahead of you.

Speaking Events for Growth

Does your company need teamwork and culture to go to the next level? Do you need a common vision and game plan to positively face challenges as opportunities? You have the opportunity to bring in a great speaker for an event or off-site – but would you also like to bring in a catalyst? How can you make sure it’s a meaningful experience that will impact people’s hearts, build team unity and kick-start growth?

Jeff’s speaking will bring you many of the truths of the Champion’s Huddle. You’ll get honest laughs, vulnerable stories, and inspired wisdom. And it’s much more than a speech – Jeff will lead you and your team to “huddle up” and strengthen team relationships and collaboration.

You and your team will take this inspiration to the “field,” with a better understanding of each other’s strengths. You will learn how to invest in your relationships and culture over the long term. And, you’ll leave with a plan to bring these strategies into your everyday life.

Building a Great Team Requires Great Coaching

When you lead a business, you lead a team. And every team leader has experienced a blitz – sudden troubles, complicated problems, even urgent crises. As the CEO or president, who do you have to turn to?

Jeff’s coaching will give you and your team have an opportunity mindset and positive plan for facing blitzes, just like NFL teams, great leaders and innovative businesses do. It’s a mindset that produces a plan which unleashes a radical model of leadership and teamwork. Jeff’s coaching typically engages for several months before and after a speaking event or offsite and will help your organization:

  • Anticipate and seize challenges as opportunities
  • Refuse to give in to excuse-making and finger-pointing
  • Break down silos of isolation and inefficiencies

Imagine the progress, productivity and profits you can achieve because you built a strong and high-achieving team.

Champion’s Huddle

Do you wonder if you’re running the company the way God wants you to?

You want to build a legacy, grow your people, and increase your business’ value — so that it’s not limited by the constraints on you. But, did you know that your business is worth more when you are not running it, when you’ve developed your team? 

We’ll help you develop your team and emerging leaders to leverage these long-term returns. You’ll be freed up for high level mission – mentoring, vision, spiritual impact, increasing your company’s value, longevity and marketability.

You’ll build your team and next generation leadership…and in the process gain more time with your wife, children and family. We’ll help you tackle problems like isolation at the top and low engagement, experience break-throughs in relationships and effective team-building action, and see a new reality with a comprehensive plan for team growth, greater team achievements and resilience – all based on a God-inspired vision and purpose

“What happens on the field is determined by what happens in the huddle!”

A Few of Jeff’s Clients