Dad in the Overhead Compartment | Father’s Day Video series

We never went to the Super Bowl when I was on the Seattle Seahawks. Years after I retired they made their first trip to the Super Bowl. And I made it a special father-son trip for my 3rd son Kolby and me. We jumped on a United flight to Detroit and pretty soon were fascinated by two fanatical Seahawk fans. These two young men were brothers in their late 20s. They were so hyper excited I asked them why they loved the Seahawks so much. They told me it was their dad. He’d taken them to every home game when they were little, and they’d watched all the away games on TV. It was obvious they were gung ho about their dad and crazy about the Seahawks. They gushed that they couldn’t be more excited to be going to the Super Bowl, and bringing their dad. “Cool…where is he?”, I asked. “Oh, He’s in the overhead compartment. We have his ashes in a blue and green urn up there.”You’ll probably find a different way than their dad in the blue and green urn did…but you gotta do it. Be intentional. Be energetic. Be enthusiastic. Find out what they love and build traditions and memories together! HONOR YOUR FATHER TODAY