How To Live Like Jesus Everyday

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What would Jesus do? It’s one of the most memorized and important questions a person can ask themselves when faced with a difficult situation. But as Christians mature in their spiritual journey, they realize that doing what Jesus would do starts with learning how to live like Jesus.

The answers will teach you the wisdom for the challenges that face you and unlock the meaning of life. Asking yourself how to live like Jesus everyday is a life-long journey. Here are five things that men like you can do to follow Jesus’s perfect example.

How to Live Like Jesus Everyday—5 Steps You Can Take Today

1. Receive from God

After Jesus was baptized, God said, “This is my son, who I love, with him I am well pleased.” Jesus relied on this proclamation to ignore Satan’s temptations, heal the sick, face and defeat death. 

It begins the same for us. To live like Jesus, we make a radical, liberating change. We start to let go of our ego and shift the leadership of life from us to Father God. We stop assuming we are the brightest or the smartest. We remind ourselves that God loves us, likes us and desires better for us than we can craft for ourselves.

My friend Pat Lencioni, a foremost business teamwork expert, told me, “Roll out of bed, land on your knees and talk to God first thing every morning. I thank Him and acknowledge Him as Lord before I do anything else.”


2. Reject the ways of the world

His message was so radical that the religious leaders teamed up with the regime of the oppressive Romans to have him killed. 

Jesus challenged the cultural norms and laws. In Mark 2:23-27, Jesus and His disciples showed the Pharisees that feeding those “hungry and in need” was more important than following the law. Later in Mark, He drove out the merchants and flipped the tables of money changers in the temple. He told the rich man who valued His earthly possessions that He had to give away everything to follow Jesus. 

We, too, must stand up to the injustices we see around us and pursue treasure—in heaven, not in life.  


3. Face challenges head-on

Jesus came down, knowing he’d be arrested, falsely accused, falsely tried, beaten, whipped and crucified. When He was, Jesus asked God to forgive the soldiers crucifying Him and the religious leaders who orchestrated it. He made the ultimate sacrifice to save humanity. 

When we learn how to live like Jesus, we put our pride and selfish ways to death, so we can solve conflicts and heal divisions. We find the courage to find a solution to the challenge, instead of being a victim or accuser. We apologize and forgive first. We’re humble and strong enough to sacrifice our time, energy and resources for others.


4. Stick up for the weak

Jesus loved to look for, find and rescue the lost sheep, the lost coin, the lost son. He said the last shall be first, the humble will be honored and those forgiven will love much.

He applied it in real life, too. When a couple dozen religious lawyers and moralistic men shoved a woman caught in adultery in front of Jesus to stone her. They were ready to apply the Jewish Law’s death penalty for her sin (what about the man’s?). Jesus scribbled in the dirt and threw them the question that sent them packing. “If anyone has never sinned, feel free to throw the first stone.”

Let’s leave the judging to God and look at the logs in our own eyes. As men, we should live like Jesus, protecting the weak and setting them free to live better. 

5. Intentionally gather and serve your family and friends

Jesus built deep friendships, setting up meals, walks, silent times in the hills and a special farewell dinner the evening before his arrest. Before eating, Jesus shocked His friends with a radical move. He stepped back from His spot at the center of the table and took a bowl of water and towel to wash their dirty feet. 

He loved and led in the most true and full way. He served. Men who are real and good, authentic and intimate. They make efforts to gather, serve and bless their family. They make friendship a priority with sacrifice, service and memorable demonstrations of love. 

Make dinner and gatherings a priority in your family and community. Be an intentional, committed friend. Plan a meal. Step down to serve. Share a toast. Pray a prayer. 


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