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    Helping Men Find their Identity & Purpose

Ready to unlock the power of deep friendship?

When men build a brotherhood, a small huddle of trusted friends who share every aspiration and struggle—our insecurities, doubts, and limitations fall away. We are stronger together than alone. (Ecclesiastes 4:12)

Building men in Christ who huddle and serve.

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What’s at Stake for Men?

Society Sets Men Up For Failure …

There’s a crisis with men….young men who can’t launch, older men who drift. Society tells men to entertain themselves, consume porn and rank themselves against others by performance. A guy tries to impress other men. In relationships with women, he’s a consumer, rather than an investor. He feels alone, and worse, other people become obstacles to his happiness, not allies or teammates. When conflicts hit, he feels stressed and overwhelmed. He wants and needs real friendship, but isolation increases, leading to feelings of disqualification to lead others.

And God Turns Challenges Into Triumphs

When a man has confidence in his identity as God’s son, he’s no longer damaged by a lack of affirmation from his father. Grace from Christ and blessing from The Father help him to stop judging himself by society’s values. Instead, he comes into the light. He’s no longer isolated. He turns to his teammates – his huddle of a couple trusted, biblically-minded friends.  His success stems from relationship with God and helping others. And when conflicts, obstacles and failures come, he sees them as opportunities for growth. Courageously loving God and others becomes paramount. Marriage and fatherhood are vitalized.


How can you fuel this transformation?

Men Huddle

Helping Men Find Their Identity and Purpose

What is Men Huddle?

A message for pastors and leaders:

Are your men prepared to lead?

With the Heavenly Father’s blessing and Jesus’ coaching, Jeff Kemp helps your men find their identity as a son of God. They join spiritual huddles, become a strong team with their wives and children, and take steps to be servant leaders.

As a former NFL quarterback and CEO, Jeff will show you and your men how to face the challenges of life like a QB faces a blitz and top leaders see a business challenge: as a crucial opportunity.

That’s God’s view: “Count it all joy, my brothers, when you meet trials of various kinds, for you know that the testing of your faith produces steadfastness” (James 1:2-4). “Persevere.” (Rom. 5:1-5)

Jeff will help you move from defense to offense. It starts with gaining our identity in Christ – the ultimate man for others. Then, we adopt his radical paradigm for relationships. Men bond and grow in a huddle. Biblical discipleship grows men who take on challenges and benefit others.

Your Men Will Learn

3 Life-Changing Truths

Rediscover Your Identity

See the unbelievable love God has for you as His son. Experience the Father’s blessing. Understand your unique calling and God-given passion to bless others.

Improve Relationships

Our “default setting” acts as consumers in relationships. God made us to invest in one other: to nurture our family and take a long-term view of our relationships.

Plan Around Your Purpose

Jeff will bring clarity and momentum to your ministry’s big goals. He’ll help men develop a “game plan” and practical tools to deal with life’s pressures, conflicts and mission.

Jeff’s Primary Topics

Facing the Blitz

God’s Strategies for Turning Trials into Triumphs

The Ultimate Team

Marriage Investors in a Consumer World

The Hand-Off

Passing on a Legacy of Leadership and Love

Men’s Huddle

Why and How Men Thrive Together in Christ

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Jeff’s message was amazingly well received.  Do not doubt the power of Jeff’s message because our attendees haven’t stopped talking about it. Every attendee left with a better understanding of WHO we are, WHAT we do, and WHY it’s important. For that, we are so thankful! The response has been overwhelming, and we are seeing new month donors and substantial one-time gifts.

Deanna StillExecutive Directorhttps://

I wholeheartedly recommend the ministry of Jeff Kemp. His football analogy about the blitzes that come our way in life was engaging, interactive and a wonderful picture of God’s blessings even in the midst of trials.  His message resonates with everyone. He had a perfect mix of the Word, humor and personal illustrations.  Jeff‘s insight on making a marriage work would benefit any marriage seminar or church service.  Our people are still talking about it.

Larry BurgbacherLead Pastor, Faith Assembly Church, Charleston, SC
Jeff Kemp was an amazing speaker for both our outreach breakfast and inaugural fund raising banquet.  More importantly, Jeff is an authentic leader, effective communicator and has a passionate focus regarding fatherhood, marriage and leadership at all levels of our communities and nation.  He personally encouraged my board and me. He is a life-long friend to CITYCommit and an influencer in Southwest Florida.
Brian Yost President, CITYCommit, Sarasota, FL

Jeff served as a much-needed catalyst to begin a movement of Small Groups among our men. His genuine transparency, and his own lifelong commitment to friendships and small groups motivated many to take this step. Jeff lives what he speaks. He stepped into our context and championed the very priorities we wanted to articulate. Many guys enjoyed how he only used sports stories to illustrate deeper truths of God’s work in our lives. Thank you, Jeff, for bringing these life-changing messages and resources to us!

Roger ThompsonMan in the Mirror

Jeff provided keen insights and valuable life-lessons from his experience on and off the football field.  Our people were encouraged and challenges to look at life’s challenges from a productive and positive perspective.  I highly recommend Jeff as a speaker-presenter for your organization’s event!

Dr. Tom JonezCorporate Consultant and Assistant Senior Chaplain, Washington State Patrol and WDFW Police

Jeff Kemp speaks to the heart of men and women seeking to build stronger relationships.  His messages were right on point, relevant to both chaplains and first responders with practical tools for facing the blitzes life brings.  I was encouraged and renewed by his presentation.

Mike RyanChaplain, Bellevue Police and Fire