The Power of Vision | Facing Your Blitz Weekly Video Devotion

Do you feel shackled by some problem, disadvantage or disability?  Is it your child or spouse who feels the chains of limitation?  A friend or teammate?  Check out this story about a powerful form of encouragement…vision.

Game Plan:

“Therefore encourage one another and build one another up, just as you are doing… And we urge you, brothers, admonish the idle, encourage the fainthearted, help the weak, be patient with them all.” (I Corinthians 5:11, 14, ESV)

Time Out:

A dyslexic boy’s inability to read well affects his schoolwork and the opinions of classmates. But his mom sees beyond the surface problems to her son’s intelligence, his potential, and his future. She converts her vision into optimism, which becomes encouragement to her son. It creates in Him determination, overcoming and thriving.

More than 300 years earlier, Jonathan Swift also faced serious limitations, a sickly Irish boy raised by a single mom. But, in part, through his mother’s vision and encouragement, he went on to author Gulliver’s Travels. He also penned this classic secret to a life of epic encouragement:

“Vision is the art of seeing what is invisible to others.”

When people are weak, they lose confidence. When they are fainthearted, they often become idle. When idle, they feel even weaker.

The solution is hope, which comes through encouragement. Encouragement comes from vision—seeing the big picture, knowing someone believes in you. The best way to show belief in someone is to help him or her see God accurately. Then you can help them see themselves accurately—their value, their potential, and their future.

Go Deep:

Make today, this week, and this year about encouragement—about vision!

Read the ultimate story…God’s story.  Revel in His extravagant, overcoming and unending love. Take heart from the victorious and redemptive conclusion to His story.  Become the vision-caster for those you love, and those in need of encouragement.  Help them see their future, not just their challenge.

Speak of God’s love for your son, daughter, spouse, or grandchild.  Describe to people their gifts and talents, the value of their life and the unique impact they can have on others.  Paint the picture of trials turning into triumphs.  Pass on the power of vision.

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