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JEFF KEMP TEAM draws on Jeff’s experience in the NFL, relationship-strengthening and business career, as well as dynamics from his father Jack Kemp’s leadership in football and national leadership. With each story and strategy, Jeff shares lessons that will apply to your life and help you overcome challenges.

Jeff takes the practical stories, principles and paradigms from championship coaches like Bill Walsh, Pete Carroll, Steve Kerr. He builds on proven models from business team experts like Pat Lencioni and many relationship experts.

Jeff Kemp Team was formed to further share Jeff’s passion for relationship-based leadership, relationship-based teamwork, and relationship-based success. 

Team-Centered Philosophy

We believe that RELATIONSHIPS are at the heart of success and significance – and that they need to be nurtured. Too often people see life and business as an individual sport and treat the people around them with a consumer mindset. That is a corrosive approach that will not engage the bright talent of the future or offer sustainable success.

Jeff Kemp Team aims to create tightly-knit, strengths-based, and resilient teams that communicate and perform well under pressure. We help you shift your team’s thinking to a investor mindset, which always builds the team- creating relationships and excellence for the long term.

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How to Face the Blitz as a TEAM

Opportunity Mindset

Many leaders and team members see unexpected or difficult obstacles as things to be avoided. But there’s always something you didn’t count on happening. Great leaders and strong teams are able to work on the fly, giving them an edge on the competition. An opportunity mindset gives you the advantage: When you align the vision, the team unity and communication, you can turn the challenges into big plays and actual progress.

Practical & Proven Tools

We’ll help you approach your team from a place of understanding and of building mutual respect. You’ll recognize their individual work styles and their strengths, so you can position them to collaborate and perform well. We’ll also give you strategies to deal with high-pressure situations, improve team culture, and communicate effectively.

Game Plan

We’ll help you shape a plan for the next blitz that arises — actionable, powerful steps that put you in position to turn the challenge into a positive. Your team-building plan is a leader-building plan. It engages the best in your people – their creativity, initiative and ownership to beat blitzes and seize big opportunities. You won’t face it alone. Jeff goes beyond speaking and inspiring. He rolls up his sleeves as a coach, mentor, and encourager. Not only that, Jeff Kemp Team connects you to a network of like-minded experts in relationship reconciliation, leadership, teamwork, training, consulting and coaching.