Will Daddy Be at My Whole Birthday Party? | Facing Your Blitz Weekly Video Devotion

My wife and I organized a cool backyard birthday party for our 5 year old son Kolby. I ran all the outdoor games and relay races. I had them crawling under army camouflage netting, flopping over hammocks and running around obstacles. It was serious boy fun.

About half way thru the party though, I had to hug Kolby goodbye, rush in the house, grab my pre packed suitcase and head off to the airport for a speech. Half a year later, with no prompting and out of the blue, Kolby posed a question he had been pondering to my wife Stacy, “Mommy, when I have my birthday party this year, will daddy be there for the whole party?”

Dads… We don’t have to be there all the time, or at everything event. But we do need to know how much it matters to them! We need to keep our word and make the special efforts.

You are the only dad they have and you are a champion to them. Be honest, Be real, be present, be intentional. Dads, I honor you and the huge impact you make.