Start the Healing | Father’s Day Video Series

Most all of us have a father wound of some sort or another, especially in our society with so many missing dads and fragmented families. Admitting that pain is the first step to moving past it. As soon as we do that, we can do something about it.

I learned a lot about this from my former teammate on the Seattle Seahawks, Steve Largent. Steve’s dad divorced his mom and left the family when Steve was little. For years Steve buried the pain of the wound and channeled it into his heroic work ethic and football success. Bitterness was natural…and it only increased when his dad, who had been painfully absent for decades, finally reached out to Steve one year when the Seahawks made the playoffs. His dad wanted tickets. Steve was hurt and bitter.

But, Steve’s faith in Jesus compelled him to keep growing as a person, and that meant healing relationships. Finally, a couple years later Steve initiated the healing. He approached his dad and took the road less travelled. He actually apologized to his dad for his own shortcomings and lack of respect as a son. His dad apologized as well and a father son relationship started healing from the wounds of the past. Don’t wait for your dad or son to apologize. Lead the way with an apology for anything on your end. Choose to forgive and start anew today. Face your blitz.