trust in friendship

The Importance of Trust in Friendship

Most guys don’t really like to talk about their feelings. Trust in their friendships usually falls into that category, too. But it’s worth talking about because trust is one of the most important aspects of maintaining a long, deep, mutually beneficial friendship with open communication and to show importance of trust in friendship…that is to say, a true friend.

Why is Trust So Important in Friendship?

Here are five ways trust creates the foundation for good friendship. 

1. Reliable

As a QB in the NFL, there was a whole lot of trust involved for a successful play. Trusting that the offensive line would hold up. Trusting that a wide receiver would be at the right spot at the right at the right time so I could throw with anticipation. For my part, my line trusted me to get the ball out as soon as I could. And receivers trusted that I would put the ball on their chest so they could go over the middle without exposing their body to shots from linebackers. 

That’s exactly how it is for friends, too. You need to start with a clear idea of what you expect from each other and then do what you say. Practically speaking, that means getting intentional about your friendship and not canceling on plans—even if it’s just a phone call and you’re tired from working or taking care of the kids.

2. Grace

On the other hand, trust allows you to give friends forgiveness when they mess up or wrong you in some way, however small. Deep down, you know the other person just wants what’s best for you and will try to treat you how you want to be treated. Many friendships are ruined by little resentments that build up along the way which shows the importance of trust in friendship.

3. Discreet

For men to overcome their sinful behaviors, they need to be able to shed light on it—without it becoming everyone’s business. Telling a friend about your struggles is a great way to break out of the shame that keeps you stuck in a destructive pattern while introducing accountability to your life. But all that goes out the window if you can’t trust your friend to handle sensitive private matters with the proper discretion. The importance of trust in friendship is key to opening up to a friend.

4. Honesty

When there is real trust in a friendship, either person feels they can share their perspective about anything without worrying that the other will respond negatively—like acting defensive, dismissive, combative or vengeful. This is so important for two reasons. For one, each friend can feel like they can truly express themselves. And sometimes you really need a friend to be honest with you. They can help you fill in a blind spot of your self-awareness or point out prideful or sinful behavior.

5. Depth

The honesty that comes with a trusting friendship is the only way to have deep, meaningful conversations consistently. It will bring joy, wisdom and understanding to your life. And it’s the kind of friendship that God can use to bring both of you closer to Him.   


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