Jesus changed the world

Discover How Jesus Changed The World

Jesus is all about transformation. He transforms the character of those who follow Him, transforming their relationships with others and the communities that center their lives around Him. Is it any wonder that no other man has changed the world more than Jesus? 

So, how did Jesus change the world? Through His perfect teachings and His sacrifice. Other religions recognize him as a teacher (even if they mistake him for only a teacher). Gandhi drew great inspiration from Jesus’ example for his non-violent protests. Many values and morals that the world takes for granted as universal truths without realizing it was Jesus who taught and exemplified them. And His death on the cross changed the course of the cosmos forever.

3 Huge Ways Jesus Changed the World 

1. The Treatment of Children

Remember when Jesus said, “Suffer little children, and forbid them not, come unto me”. It might seem like an obvious thing for Him to say to our modern ears. We commit ourselves to protecting our children and doing whatever we can to set them up to succeed and make their lives better. 

But that’s not how it was during Jesus’ time. They were not cherished as an important life. Children were often left to die or sold into slavery. And they were definitely not something to aspire to be like, as Jesus told His followers, “Truly I tell you, anyone who will not receive the Kingdom of God like a little child will never enter it.” 

In the world after Jesus, believers learned that you needed humility, faith, innocence and love to receive God’s kingdom. And thanks to Jesus’ example, believers and non-believers alike started giving children the treatment they deserved—opening up orphanages and other social programs to care for them.  

2. Radical Empathy 

Everyone knows the term “Good Samaritan” is someone who acts out of compassion to save someone who desperately needs help. It comes from Jesus’ parable in which a traveler is beaten and left for dead by the road. Jesus describes how a priest and a Levite, two people who were considered among the most upstanding and moral in the ancient Jewish world, pass him by. It’s the Samaritan, an outcast of society, who puts his neck out to help the stranger and shows that compassion—not religious titles or family ties—is what really matters to God. 

He also summed it up with the Golden Rule: “Do unto others as you would them do unto you.” 

Jesus didn’t just talk the talk, He walked the walk. During His time, there was a purity law that did not permit lepers (those who had a skin disease) to come close or be touched. But that didn’t stop a leper from showing faith in Jesus, and nor did it stop Jesus from touching him. With His touch, He cleansed the leper’s disease. 

Nowadays, we don’t just let sick people rot away. Doctors follow Jesus’ example and risk their lives to provide treatment. The early church decreed that they had to provide a hospice for caring for the sick and poor wherever a cathedral was built. 

3. A Personal Relationship with God for Everyone

Before Jesus came to earth, God’s presence was only able to be accessed by the high priest, who would intercede on behalf of the Jewish people with sacrifices. He would meet with God in the holy of holies, with a veil to shield the mortal man from the holy God’s powerful presence. But when Jesus died for our sins, the veil ripped. Thanks to his atonement, humans could now enjoy the presence of God. 

And it wasn’t just the Jewish people who were invited to a personal, boundary-less relationship with God. Jesus changed the world and transformed the religion to include the Gentiles (non-Jewish) people, too. He told His disciples to go into the world and share the good news of His sacrifice and the salvation that anyone could receive.  


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