Mens group bible study

Men’s Group Bible Study: 5 Tools to Help Along the Way

At some point in your journey as a man, you realize that you can’t do it alone. You need God for everything and for Jesus to show you the way. You also figure out, hopefully, sooner rather than later, that you need a men’s group Bible study—a group of guys coming together to study the Word and bring Jesus into every area of their lives.


How to Get Started with Men’s Group Bible Studies

Even when you know you need a men’s Bible study, it can be tough to get things off the ground. What parts of the Bible should we start with? How do we structure it? What other materials should we read to bring understanding and meaning to reading the Bible? That’s where resources for a men’s group Bible study can be super helpful.

The resources outlined below encompass a spectrum of teachings, discussions, content, and tools designed to foster spiritual growth, strengthen relationships and friendshipsand empower men to navigate life with faith and conviction. I’m confident you’ll find something that fits your group of guys and their stage of spiritual development.


5 Resources for a Men’s Group Bible Study

1. Playbook for Level 5 Friendship

I’m starting with my own (free) ebook even though it’s not designed for starting a men’s group bible study. There’s no shortage of excellent studies out there to dig your teeth into, but I found that men were having a hard time being open and going deep with each other (what I call Level 5 Friendship). It’s a quick read with step-by-step instructions. You’ll find practical tips on how to build deeper friendships with 2-3 guys looking to feel accepted and supported as they process their lives together and improve as men. Of course, time in God’s Word will come out of this huddling time together–even though that is not its main purpose.

I’d even argue that just starting a men’s group is not enough; men need deep, authentic, self-disclosing friendships in order to grow as sons of God and men. That’s what Huddling and building to Level 5 Friendship will provide.


2. BetterMan

Nowadays, men are confused by their masculinity. BetterMan is “calling men back to God’s good and timeless design for men.” To achieve this mission, they’ve created The BetterMan Curriculum, which provides weekly pre-recorded videos, workbooks, discussion questions, and more. It’s a great resource for men’s Bible study, helping men be confident in their masculinity and improving their relationships, marriages, families and churches. You can learn more and get instant access here.


3. The Purpose Driven Life

This classic book from pastor Rich Warren is a fantastic exploration of the question, “What am I here for?” Nearly all men come to a point in their lives where they question the meaning of life and their place in it—especially if they’ve been led astray by the world’s idea of significance. The Purpose Driven Life teaches you how to know yourself and your creator. It’s great content for a men’s group Bible study because it’s designed as a 40-day personal spiritual journey. You can come together on a weekly basis and discuss each member’s response and help them find their purpose.


4. Experiencing God

The last thing you want for your men’s group Bible study is for it to become one more thing to check off the list of things a Christian should do. You can’t simply go through the motions. Experiencing God is a wonderful video series that’s designed to “awaken believers to a radically God-centered way of life.” It challenges you to respond to God’s invitation to all of us—to know Him and His ways.


5. Receive: The Way of Jesus for Men

I wrote Receive to outline the principle of receiving your identity as a man from God for two reasons. For one, society has misled men to believe they must earn their manhood when the Bible tells us we must receive it from God through Jesus. Secondly, I wanted to define what it means to receive and how to do it. It’s full of practical advice and each chapter has a list of questions to help men’s group bible studies spark deep conversation and learn the way of Jesus for men. 


What does Jesus’ Perfect Example Mean for us Today?

As you embark on this journey, I hope these resources enrich your discussions, deepen faith, and foster men’s bible study dedicated to embracing Jesus in every aspect of life. Use these tools, engage in meaningful conversations, and let the pursuit of God strengthen your bond and guide you.

Want to see how Jesus’ perfect example can lead to real, meaningful friendships? Download the Playbook for Level 5 Friendships to get started.