Christian Men’s Group for Deeper Friendship

Christian Men's Group
Once you’ve been a part of a good Christian men’s group, you realize there’s nothing else like it in our culture. Some are Bible studies for men; others are Christian groups based around a shared interest, like fishing or football. At the end of the day, it’s as simple as getting a group of guys together, what I call a Men’s Huddle,” and allowing yourselves to open up to each other and spend time with God.  You might think, “That sounds great, Jeff, but I have a job and a family. I go to Church. I don’t have time for a men’s group.” Ok, I hear you. Let me give you five reasons you need a Christian men’s group in your life.   

Men need to break out of their isolation.

Our culture keeps us busy and working toward what we don’t yet have. Even if you have a picture-perfect family life, you need friends. You probably miss spending time with a group of guys, like you did in school or on a team. If you feel lonely, you’re not alone. One in three men suffer from loneliness, and it’s taking years off their lives.  By simply putting yourself out there and joining a men’s group, you’re addressing a big issue that many men don’t realize is eating away at them.   

Men need a place to be authentic.

Men don’t try to break out of isolation because they’ve been conditioned not to admit fault or show weakness. But being vulnerable strengthens us.  A solid Christian men’s group allows you to be your authentic self without fear of being deemed weak or judged for your faults. You won’t believe the burden that’s lifted when you experience this kind of support.   

Men need deep friendships. 

By opening yourself up to a small men’s group, you build stronger bonds with your fellow members than you could anywhere else.  Some of the best Christian men’s groups consist of a handful of close friends who have made the intentional choice to be there for each other, commit themselves to consistent meetings and deepen their friendships. You’re not just a men’s group anymore. You’re a brotherhood going through life together.   

Men need accountability. 

We all have secret thoughts and behaviors that we hide from others—partly out of pride and partly out of shame (two of Satan’s most destructive tools).  But once you have a group who you can trust to be open with, you can shine a light on the things you’ve allowed to grow in the darkness. You don’t have to deal with it all by yourself anymore—such a weight is lifted! This accountability will sustain you through the worst of life’s blitzes—what I call those times of great challenges that provide opportunities for great growth.  

Most of all, men need to be like Jesus

—and need other men in their lives to encourage them and show them how. Jesus is the main focus of a transformative Christian men’s group. A team of like-minded believers is one of the keys to unlocking spiritual growth.  Not only will you spend time studying His Word and perfect example—He’ll also be a part of it as you pray to Him. Jesus had His own men’s group during His life as a man on earth. And, with His disciples, Jesus modeled His perfect solution to all the needs listed above.  He brought them out of their busy lives into a group with the most important mission of all time—to bring salvation to humanity. He fostered a group of authenticity, deep friendship, and accountability. And He taught them how to be a son to their Heavenly Father and encouraged them every day.   

Build Deeper Friendship with MenHuddle.

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