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Scripture, Jesus, Friendship with Jesus

The Bible tells us the many ways God relates to us. Some emphasize God as a Creator, others as a protector or a heavenly Father. God also wants to be your friend. Men need friendship with Jesus in order to become the men, fathers and husbands He created them to be.   First, I want […]

personal reflection; forgiveness of sins; will god forgive me

Sometimes we really mess up and feel bad for what we’ve done. Wondering if God will forgive you can weigh heavily on one’s heart. It’s an important question, and its answer has a huge impact on every individual’s life on earth and the more important, eternal one.   What is Guilt? We all fall short […]

Bless others; men coaching men, how to bless others

We live in a self-centered, me-focused culture. Men especially are told to get the most out of life, make their money go further, and use their networks to get a better job. The fact that you’re looking for how to bless others shows that you realize it’s all about giving.   Why should we learn […]

financial blessings; managing money; God financial blessings

You wouldn’t be the first person to wonder why God hasn’t sent lump sums of financial blessings. When we ask for something, it’s easy to be confused when we don’t receive it because we know God loves us more than we could possibly understand. A blessing is any kindness, mercy, or good thing that comes […]

friends; level 5 friendship

Why do I care about friendship? Because we are made and adopted by God to thrive in relationships with others. But that requires a tight team of intentional brothers, consistently connected Level 5 Friends. Today, men are being blitzed by father wounds, identity insecurity and masculinity confusion/bashing. We’re attacked by everything from a cut-throat culture […]

better friendships

The Epidemic of Loneliness in the world is a serious problem. I’m going share how understanding the 5 Levels of Friendship can unlock depth in our relationships – ending loneliness for you. Here are all the levels together now: Level 1 – Casual Friendship – This is a guy you’ve met and may or may […]

Mens group bible study

At some point in your journey as a man, you realize that you can’t do it alone. You need God for everything and for Jesus to show you the way. You also figure out, hopefully, sooner rather than later, that you need a men’s group Bible study—a group of guys coming together to study the […]

Cross; Jesus; Was Jesus Perfect

Was Jesus perfect? That question might be one of the most important questions you can ask. As a follower of Him myself, it’s the fact that He was perfect and the Son of God that is the foundation of my faith and everyone who follows Jesus to make disciples.    Why is it important to […]

prayers for guidance and wisdom, praying, men praying

Deep down, you know you need prayers for guidance and wisdom. It’s easy to feel like you’ve got a handle on everything in your life. Everything’s going according to plan and going your way…until it isn’t. You’re faced with a challenge you can’t overcome, maybe one you can’t even understand. Maybe you feel depressed or […]

I’ve often talked about the friendship gap in men and how you can remove it in your life. Real friendship for guys seems to be at an all-time low. We need to overcome the isolating influences of our technology-shaped and individualistic society. Let’s go back to the original design. What about when everything was perfect? […]