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how to practice discernment

Have you ever felt like you’re left out in the dark with no idea of how to respond to a difficult choice or a confusing situation? I know I have. It could be a tough spot in a relationship or a fork in your path that requires understanding God’s calling for your life. Without a […]

Deep down, every guy who follows Jesus wants to have meaningful conversations with their friends that bring up the spiritual aspects of our lives. But it can be hard to work past some of the defenses we put up as men. We don’t want to appear vulnerable or that we don’t know something. Over the […]

friendship men

No man is an island. No guy can go it alone no matter how strong and independent he feels. God created all humans in His image to be relational beings, designed to seek and nurture connection with others. The Bible teaches us about all the different relationships in our lives. It tells us to honor […]

husband and father

I’ve been helping men better their relationships for decades and some of the most common questions I get are about how to be a better husband and father. Seeking advice and accepting training is such a critical first step. As men, we’re often conditioned to think we have all the answers (or pretend that we […]

recovering man

Failure. It’s become such a big word in our ultra-competitive culture. And it’s not just the word for when you don’t succeed. We’ve started using it as a title for those who lose big. And when we’re at our lowest, it’s what we think of ourselves. Plenty of events can reduce us to rock bottom. […]

trust in friendship

Most guys don’t really like to talk about their feelings. Trust in their friendships usually falls into that category, too. But it’s worth talking about because trust is one of the most important aspects of maintaining a long, deep, mutually beneficial friendship with open communication and to show importance of trust in friendship…that is to […]

connect with friends

As a Dad, it’s easy to get caught up in the whirlwind of daily life—taking the kids to school, sporting events and birthday parties. When you get home and finish the chores, you spend as much time as you can connecting with your wife. Even guys who aren’t married often pour themselves into their jobs. […]

Jesus changed the world

Jesus is all about transformation. He transforms the character of those who follow Him, transforming their relationships with others and the communities that center their lives around Him. Is it any wonder that no other man has changed the world more than Jesus?  So, how did Jesus change the world? Through His perfect teachings and […]

Prayer is an essential part of our day as believers and our spiritual journey. It’s the way we talk to God. And it leads to God working in our lives and in the world. But even when you’ve set aside time, it’s not always easy to know how to pray effectively.  What should I say? […]

live like Jesus, how to live liek Jesus

What would Jesus do? It’s one of the most memorized and important questions a person can ask themselves when faced with a difficult situation. But as Christians mature in their spiritual journey, they realize that doing what Jesus would do starts with learning how to live like Jesus. The answers will teach you the wisdom […]