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Spiritual birth in the bible

It’s what Christians are talking about when they say they are born again. It’s what I’m talking about when I say I follow Jesus. But what is spiritual birth in the Bible?  We all know what it means to be born. We’ve all done it. We enter the world and grow, developing physically and mentally. […]

forgiveness of sins

We’ve all messed up. We’ve done something we regret or something we knew shouldn’t do. Heck, sometimes we do things that we only realize are wrong later on. These are things that hurt others or hurt ourselves—and most importantly, they go against the will of God. The Bible calls this “sin.”   If you’re lucky, […]

middle-aged man with no friends

Anyone can suffer from loneliness. You might think of yourself as a middle-aged man with no friends and start to feel hopeless. But the truth is many men have a hard time making friends as an adult and feel like they’re missing out on friendship. You might ask yourself, “Why don’t I have friends?”. There […]


I know you’re busy. Most of us are. We have all sorts of stuff going. Some of us have a business phone full of too many emails and texts as well. Some of us are busy traveling. Most of us check a steady stream of social feeds—Instagram, LinkedIn, Facebook—rinse…recycle…repeat. Maybe you’re the guy who enjoys […]

overcome depression

First off, I want to say I’m sorry that you or someone you love has to overcome depression. It’s one of those invisible things that no one else can truly see in its entirety and affects everyone differently. Depression can feel like a heavy fog, a stressful daily attack, or an overwhelming burden. No matter […]

male friendships

Men are going through a blitz right now—and they need male friendships to turn the obstacles into growth. For years, technology has been growing all around us, encroaching on our lives and building walls of isolation. It certainly didn’t help when the pandemic arrived, further cutting people off from others and their communities.  Both men […]

self isolation

A man can find himself in a season of self-isolation when he’s without someone to turn to. Some men start self-isolating because they are afraid to be real and show people their insecurities, while others let pride raise them above the reproach of anyone, living on their own self-righteous pedestal. Some have lost hope for […]

how to remove fear from mind and heart

Fear is uncomfortable, isn’t it? It can mess up our relationships and our ability to carry out our purpose in life. Any man who says he doesn’t feel fear is a big faker. The trick isn’t about never feeling fear again, but learning how to remove fear from your heart and mind.  I know all […]

Jesus is the only way to the father

Brother, I have some great news for you: Jesus is the only way to the Father. Now, that might sound restrictive to some. In reality, it radically opens up human understanding beyond what’s otherwise possible, invites you into a life full of meaning, and guarantees your salvation.      “Jesus is the only way to the […]

stop being insecure

Men don’t like to talk about it, but we face all kinds of insecurities. They fill our lives with anxiety, or we burn out trying to overcome them. Great news! You can learn how to stop being insecure and enjoy the freedom it brings. You don’t have to live this way.  5 Steps to Stop […]